“I was not fortunate to be born into a responsible family, my entering school was just by personal decision, I never understand my purpose of living –no one was there to guide me, in the school to feed was another thing altogether, the boy that I was staying with told me to leave his apartment, I never knew where to go until I​ had an encounter with the builders team KCM, through the president of the team, and to the glory of God I was restored, hope was restored, a new home was restored, my school fees were paid, my physical needs were not only met, butmy spiritual needs.

Glory be to God that am now born again through builders team KCM. Following builders training has structured my life physically and spiritually. I have so many testimonies but time will fail me .God bless builders team KCM


Upon completion of my service year in April, 2018 I had job opportunities that were hanging but not coming forth.​ After some months at home, I attended the Expression 2018 conference and through my wonderful encounters with the Word of God under the ministry of Anointed Men of God,​ I laid hold of God’s promises and one of the offers came through. It was a complete package with accommodation inclusive.​

In this year 2019, God miraculously opened new doors of opportunities to increase my learning and improve my skills; all-expense paid.​

I want to return all the glory to God for these strange doors of favor opened to me. To Him alone be all the glory.​


( Lagos Nigeria)


​ I really want to appreciate God for his faithfulness over me. I started having heavy menstrual flow after my wedding. I got worried and I went to do an Abdominopelvic Ultrasound Scan which identified a fibroid in my womb and my doctor said it has to be removed because it could prevent ability to conceive. I was already preparing for the surgery when God spoke to me through his servant that I’m healed of every fibroid and that I’ll conceive very soon. Firstly, I noticed my flow reduced (no longer heavy) and now i have conceived. I give God all the glory and trust him to perfect that which he has started.

DR I.(Lagos Nigeria)


​ At my place to find work, there is usually an increment of salary every year. On the 31st of Dec as others were busy with their knockouts, I was busy talking to my God about the figure I wanted on my pay-slip. We resumed work on the 4th of January and again I reminded God about the exact figure I wanted on my paycheck. Shortly, I was discussing with a colleague of mine who had little faith. She said, anything they pay us I will take.​ I said, No! I will not take anything. I have told my father the figure I want.​ To the glory of God, we were paid the January salary; and I was paid the exact amount I asked him.

Same applied to my day of appointment with the same hospital. I told God I want to start this job with the date of my choice, and so it was.

My brothers and sisters I want to tell you that when there is a casting down, there is a lifting up for us his children. He said ask me anything in my name, and I will do it. Jehovah over do.

Sister J( Owerri Nigeria)


I participated in discipleship training during the mid wivery training.It was life transforming.In addition to this ,I passed my result without stress and got a job with Marie Stopes International immediately.Praise God.

Nurse .A( Osogbo Nigeria)


Thank God for the Apostolic Grace on you for kingdom leadership principles. These devotionals periodically trigger the kingdom bullet and fan to flame the fire in every kingdom leader and citizen.​

I shall start spreading it for others to be blessed.

I try to make out time to go through the devotional daily because I found out that I am often edified and challenged about the Kingdom life in various aspects of life including the illustrations with daily life activities to discuss scripture. It has indeed daily been a great blessing.​

May the Lord increase His grace in sustaining the freshness of the messages.​Amen.

Dr O.(Lagos Nigeria)


I was faced with diverse life challenges and thought of committing suicide. I was invited to the weekly​ power night organized by The Builders Team Kingdom Christian Mission through one of the soul winners who located me in my depressive state. Prophecy came forth that addressed the source of the problem and within 24 hours of the ministration my market opened back and I experienced bumper sales. Indeed, my life is a testimony of God’s faithfulness at the Power Night. Praise the Lord!

Mr. E C(Mgbirichi, Imo state ,Nigeria)


We want to bless God for the gift of a beautiful baby girl we waited on him for years and it came through in a miraculous way when we least expected. We were in awe when my wife found out her PT test was positive as it was a month when we were so stressed that we least expected it. We also give praise to God for a safe pregnancy and delivery. God answers prayers and we bless him for using his servant​ and other men of God to pray for us.

Dr A(Canada)


I was shattered by multiple challenges confronting me at the cradle of my study in this school. I came in contact with builder’s free hostel accommodation, participated​ in the free tutorial and builders training. I wrote my O’level again while in school and pass all at ones. My first semester result was a testimony. I had distinction in shorthand which I was afraid of failing. God is truly building life through builders, I am a testimony. Sis. M. S. (IMO STATE POLYTECHNIC,UMUAGWO,IMO STATE)

I was very poor in maths, business maths was a fear to me. I came in contact with builder’s free tutorial. I came out as the best student in the course, not just have distinction.Above that, builders has helped me to discover my God given dream and I am growing day by day in grace of God. I learnt to stay with righteousness and faith and my Christian​ Life has taken a new turn.To be the glory! Sis. S. P. (. (IMO STATE POLYTECHNIC,UMUAGWO,IMO STATE)


“Since my participation in expression 2019, I’ve noticed my capacity in the spirit getting bloated! A spectacular one indeed was about the man that was in a prison for one year and five months. So during the 3days revival service I did after expression 2019, the Holy Spirit told me that there is a man in prison, but I should declare that the man will be released. Then I asked every one to wait to hear this, I told them that God has released him. So one woman in the gathering told me that it was true, that there indeed is a mam in that situation. So they went to tell his mother about the prophecy. And in 3weeks the man was released!

Glory be to God! So the family came to me for prayer and deliverance and things has changed for them. Truly, there is expression of callings, release of grace and anointing at the expression mountain”

Pastor Samson, A. Owerri.