This platform forms a core in this ministry. It’s focus is on raising men like Daniel and Joseph, who hold major pillar in ministry. This provides an expressing the manifestations of the trainings acquired from the ministry.


  1. To holistically examine current challenges in different fields with a view to providing adequate solutions.

2.Infuse this same vision into your colleagues and positively influence them.

3.Identifies the challenges of the believers in their careers and find out solutions.

4.Mentorship class for Juniors and Young achievers club in secondary schools and campuses.


And the Lord said:
“Who then is that faithful steward, the wise man whom his master will set over those in his household service to supply them their allowance of food at the appointed time?”
Luke 12:42

The Builders professional Unit is a strong arm of this assignment and this is the vision all will run with till it over-runs every where.

Builders is saddled with the responsibility of producing true stewards who do things for the people and when due to lead the system. When the righteous rule, people rejoice. We are the light of the world and the kingdom professionals have two lights. Secular knowledge and kingdom knowledge. Hence, the call to be responsible to our call(Mt 5:13,14)

This is also the organ of Kingdom intelligentsia, civilization of the Kingdom. We have to take lead in discoveries because we have the spirit of creativity. Our father always does new things. He creates and we procreate. We are cultivating the earth through scientific discoveries. Isaiah 43:19.  Training of the coming generation in our profession is key, hence discipleship/mentorship is a mandate. The name of God and kingdom principles must over-run all our fields of practice. This is the trumpet all builders’ professional units must blow worldwide in unison as we crown him King in our generation


1.Monthly Forum

2.Quarterly seminar/outreach.

3.Each person must have a young achievers club to coordinate and report to the chapter coordinator.

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