Grow Up and Take Charge

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*TEXT:Gal 4:1 (TLB)*
_But remember this, that if a father dies and leaves great wealth for his little son, that child is not much better off than a slave until he grows up, even though he actually owns everything his father had._

Growth is the most important need of a heir for him to shift status from begging to commanding. It takes wisdom to control this sophisticated earth and its systems. Hence, God expects His sons to grow up in wisdom and stature in order to be in control.

Life has pathways that God made: one of this is the pathway of life.
David confessed that God will show him the path of life (Psalm 16:11). This is the heir saying the father will show him the secret of how the “company” functions so that he can be in charge of its operations. It takes a different knowledge to move from being a staff to be a manager.

A staff waits to receive but a manager controls what happens. The control of life is in the hand of sons. It is in our hands, in my hands and in your hands! Glory to God for making us the heirs of the kingdom. Will you arise and grow up or remain a spiritual babe? You determine your day of coronation to the throne with the premium you place on growth

Now, as long as the heir is not in possession, he is at the mercy of those and things he ought to be in charge of. Is that not amazing? He will beg for what he ought command!

Create a fiery hunger to pursue growth and development by all means. Seek true knowledge of God. Study and completely surrender to him!

Increase with personal growth is a burden!

Father, thank you for your inheritance, it is my turn to take over. Open my eyes to see the path of life as I seek your face through the word. I command all veils to be removed in Jesus name.

*Further Reading*
Eph 4:11-14

*Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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