Authority of a Father

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*TEXT: Gen 49:1*
_Then Jacob called for his sons and said: “Gather around so I can tell you what will happen to you in days to come”_

Authority is entrusting someone with the power to enforce rules and give orders.

In the text above, we saw Jacob speaking affirmatively of what will happen to all his children which stands till today. Which office was Jacob speaking from?

This family of Jacob called Israel represents the whole people of God today. Can a man stand to give rules, verdicts, final judgment on the whole family of God and nothing can change it?

Joseph was the greatest voice for God in that era. This means the greatest move of God that time through which the whole world was bowing down to the glory of God was through Joseph. Everybody in the whole world talked about the wisdom of Joseph. His glory was everywhere. That was like the new move of God! The power, the utterances, the wisdom, the insight, the prophetic grace (Joseph saw the future!),all these should make a man know that a son is manifesting the glory of his heavenly father. Joseph was exercising apostolic grace and Influencing the whole world. But a man stood in the office of a father and pronounced the fate of the race of humanity. I observed that the office of a father is vested with the legal authority to govern the earth. Jacob was handling this baton from Abraham.

Idealy, a father is not just a producer of children but a representative of God. He ought to be a priest and a king raising other kings and queens. God vested so much authority in the office of fatherhood. If you are cursing your children like Noah did, you will see the result as in the children of Ham. The curse and the blessing of a father have power. Receive the blessing of your physical parents, spiritual parents and your husband as they are powerful.

Only an irresponsible father loses his authority by his own foolishness like Esau did to Jacob.

Father, destroy every negative word our parents have spoken on we their children in Jesus name.Bring to speedy fulfillment all positive words in Jesus name

*Further Study*
1 corinth 4:15, Gen 49: 1-28

*Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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