A Risk Worth Taking

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*TEXT: Num 14:6-8*
_Joshua son of Nun and Caleb son of Jephunneh, who were among those who had explored the land, tore their clothes and said to the entire Israelite assembly, “The land we passed through and explored is exceedingly good._

After hearing people speak about this nation you see two opinions just like the case of Israel in our text: the optimistic and the pessimistic.

With the staggering obvious, there are enough reasons why we should all be pessimistic about Nigeria.
However, if we muster all the faith to take the step of believing God for something better which is His will, what do we have to lose? After all, if we don’t believe God for a new nation, it will still be bad as it is but if we dare believe Him, something great might be our lot.

If you do nothing ,you will live and die one day with all things remaining status quo but if you dare make a change, at least heaven would see your effort.

“Why sit we here till we die?” was the thought of some lepers that transformed the destiny of a whole nation from the worst to the best. The famine was so great that they started eating one another and were running out of “supplies”.

Isreal was also a very rebellious kind of a nation. Our sins could not be greater than theirs because Jesus had not even died back then. Yet, with the voice of His prophet, Elisha and the faith of the lepers who dared believe, there was a transformation.

I am sure they will repent after that visitation and if the teachers of the law did their work well, their fruit of repentance would remain.

Beloved, we have nothing to lose if we believe God for the best and we already have lost it all if we choose not to.

The same for your life, your family and the world. As long as we are in this world,we are the light of the world. Don’t let the pessimistic ones quench your faith. The world sectors have experienced success by those who dare to take risk and the kingdom has been moved forward by men who chose to believe. Nothing can be done without faith. Mission is a possibility. We can disciple the whole nations as the body of Christ on this earth. We must believe it.

1. Father, open my eyes to see as you see.
(Number 14:6,8)

2. Father show me how to live the word daily in my life and radiate your glory daily in my family, nations at large (Mat 7:24)

*Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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