Purpose and Timing

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*TEXT:Eccl 3:11a*
_True, God made everything beautiful in itself and in its time …”_

Your purpose is scheduled into seasons. Not understanding this will produce unneccesarry worries. Usually, you cannot control these seasons as they must come and pass according to divine timing. However, you must be responsible for being in right shape so that you can respond to these seasons accordingly. Some of the things people worry about is already scheduled into their way in the right season but by worry, they were not able to get themselves prepared for that season and they miss it. They may not even know that a season has come. It takes preparation to be able to discern seasons.You are in a season of your purpose every time. Instead of getting worried about what has not been,why can’t you pray and receive appropriate interpretation of the current season why you get set for the days ahead. If God is the one that has promised,just know that those things have been scheduled. It will happen in due time. In fact,the major attack of the devil is to make sure you miss that season. That is what you should fight against. See some of the strategies of the devil against special seasons:

1. Massive feeling of discouragement
2. Mockery from men e.g Elisha
3. Inexplicable oppositions and unproductiveness
4. Direct demonic attack
5.Reduction of co-laborers
6.Inadequate result etc

In any situation,your focus must be to keep in tune with the kingdom principle and not to be dismayed by the result. Read this Ps 24:1-2”The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it,the world, and all who live in it; for he founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters.”NIV.

If he chose to found it on seas and not on the rock,then the ocean of life cannot swallow you. It will be the medium for your manifestation.He established it on the current of the sea. So,season of storms is not a threat to a man in purpose; he has an anchor.He will come out sure and stronger.( Isaiah 43:2).
So, beloved,discern the season you are in and enjoy it. Don’t fast track it, you will not go uninjured. Don’t be slow in maximizing the moment either, it is a sign of foolishness.The eyes of the fool is on the ends of the earth says the wise King( Prov 17:22). It was beautiful for Joseph to be Daddy’s pet at home and Prime minister in Egypt.Trying to act as Prime minister at his home will generate envy and strife and may cost his life. Leave it for the season God has planned it for. Be contended with the doings of God per time and get prepared for the rest season ahead.How prepared are you?

Receives the wisdom to cross correctly from one season to the other
2.Rebuke every attack of the devil against special seasons in your life.
3.Receive grace for the Church to get set for the coming season God has prepared for this nation.

*Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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