Sustainable Fire

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*DATE: FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2022*


*TEXT: Prov 30:15-16* _There are two things never satisfied, like a leech forever craving more: no, three things! no, four! Hell, the barren womb, a barren desert, fire.TLB_

One of the markers of the fire that the Lord will be kindling is that it will never be satisfied as long as there are still souls unsaved and systems where the kingdom is yet to be replicated. Such men on fire will not be satisfied by their achievements,comforts or any other to judge themselves successful. The focus of the fire is that the whole world must bow that Jesus is Lord to the glory of the father.

There are some fires that burn until the fellow is above his colleagues, successful in ministry or established in family. Hence, as a matter of fact, a set of achievements can become the ashes that quench some peoples fire. But the kind that God is bringing will target the world and will never get satisfied until the world knows that Jesus is Lord indeed.

When fire is just a little spark,you may be so much concerned that little breeze will not put it out but after it crosses a threshold and has become an inferno,even if you were the one that started it, you must beware as it consumes anything.

If a young man is not to be burnt by passion for worldly achievements, lust for women or sex, then he must be burning for a purpose. You know the bible likens sexual passion to fire. When it takes men up, they misbehave, they come under its force. Sometimes you wonder how a great man can become so helpless in the hand of those useless tiny Delilahs? Satan knows how to use that strange fire to burn useful men (especially early in life)
”but if they cannot exercise self-control, let them marry. For it is better to marry than to burn with passion(1 Corithian 7:9).

This is a marker of fire: it makes men lose control but these ones are strange fires. Satan destroys men by strange fire. At that level, they do not hear warning. They will know it is bad but they will continue doing it. They will tell you that they will know how to settle the consequence and if it means their lives will end there, it is alright. If sexual passion is not a fire, HIV and myriads of sexually transmitted diseases and increasing marital disharmony should have stopped it but it is a strange fire that continues to rage.

Negative addictions and bad habits are also examples of fire. Knowledge alone does not deliver people from them. If you have counselled those who are addicted to drugs or some other things, you will know that addiction and strange habits are fires. God will quench this strange fire by divine fire. John was a burning and a shinning light. You will burn for the course of Christ.
I see an ignition taking place in the heart of youths who truly love God passionately.Hear this well,if you truly desire the will of God to come to pass in this generation,fire will locate you few days now. Some will come under serious spirit of prayer. You will be praying like an addiction. Watch it! That will open you to greater spiritual force of the Holy Ghost taking over and you will soon get drunk that you will be totally taking over,so drunk that you also will wonder why you can be this bold to take the decisions you are taking. If you are engaged,carry your spouse along else your relationship will be under threat. God will do this thing, the door of that experience is open.

1. Lord, open me up to fire dimension of your revelation (Hebrew 12:29)
2. Ask God for a fire dimension of him that will make every power ,corruption to bow in this nation

*Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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