Man: The Representative of God’s Government

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*TEXT: 1Cor 11:7*
_For a man ought not to wear anything on his head [in church], for he is the image and [reflected] glory of God [his function of government reflects the majesty of the divine Rule]; but woman is [the expression of] man’s glory (majesty, preeminence)_

Have you ever mentioned the word “father “to two different children and seen their responses? The one from the home with a responsible father quickly smiles and remembers the caring, lovely rebuke of his father while the one from an irresponsible family feels indifferent or even get angry. Father means ‘the source”. He is a producer and is loaded with many things to contribute to his wife, children, and community. Eve came from Adam.
A father has a plan beyond you and creates no room for you to struggle through life. Most times, for carnal people ,this plan may be in variance with God but for a spiritual Father, he receives them from God beginning from the name of the child ,the school he goes and other details. Such children have better fits in life.A father models God in all sense in the physical realm. If you have a correct father, you have seen God in human form!

Nothing is more irritating than seeing a lazy man. The glory of a man blazes forth in responsibility. He would never flex his muscles to beat his wife as that is an abuse of strength. That strength is for work. Man was not only created with physical strength but also mental analytical capacity to withstand stress. No matter how strong a woman is, she still needs the protection of man .It is disaster to see many young men who have wasted their substances through sin. Shallow minded and of fowl character. Manhood must be restored for the home to be restored. A man is the full representation of God’s Government on the earth. We must train every male child to be a direct representation of God government. When a man is standing in his place, he carries authority to stop the devil and manifest God. Fathering is a divine assignment with great allocation of grace. If you are afraid of marriage because of responsibility, here is the good news, there is grace if you follow the Kingdom pattern!
I speak to every responsible man to receive grace for higher performance in Jesus name! Your head is lifted!

Father, anoint all the men in your church for effective Kingdom Government.

*Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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