Praying For Edification

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*TEXT: Luke 6:12-14*
_One of those days Jesus went out to mountainside to pray,and spent the night praying to God. When morning came, he called his disciples to him and chose twelve of them, whom he also designated apostles_

We need to know and understand about praying for edification if we will be strong in the spirit. In our text, Jesus was not just praying about the apostles he was about to choose. He always knows the will of the father. He was not praying to hear God. He prioritized fellowshipping with the Father. Koinonia through long period of prayer is a must for a strong spirit to be birthed. This is one of the reasons why many are weak. Most of our prayers are supplications. We have been distracted by the plethoricity of needs and demands and we have forgotten to pray for edification. We come with bags of needs always. Likewise intercession. We have lost the art of intercession. What must you do if not to intercede for the kingdom assignment that you are part of? The domain where he has located you? The dying souls going to hopeless Christ less eternity? These are markers of a falling state of the church, we must arise.

How long will it take a day old babe to carry a bag of cement? It will take forever! But a well built man will carry it in few minutes. You cannot carry responsibility until you grow up. That is why most requests made deliver answers that are too heavy for you to carry. They have been delivered truly but if you carry it now, you may be more damaged than being helped. Your answer is waiting for you to grow. Grow up! If we spend more time to grow, we will spend less time in getting things done.

Praying for edification is creating time for communion without any requests. Mostly characterized by worship and speaking in tongues. He will do most of the talking while you will be the listener. He will disclose a lot of his mind and make some grey areas in your understanding of him clear. You should be ready to write because he will speak mysteries. This will surely transform you as you see his mind on matters clearer. You can choose a special time for this focus. Praying in tongues will greatly be of help because you communicate directly with God and fellowship with mysteries ( 1 Corithian 14:2)

I receive the grace to pray longer for edification in Jesus name. Amen

*Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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