Obedience Of Faith

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*DATE: MONDAY, MAY 23, 2022*


*TEXT: Gen 22:2*
_God said ‘Take your son. Take your only son Isaac, whom you love. Go to the place of Moriah. Sacrifice your son there, as a burnt offering. Do this on a mountain. I will tell you which mountain_

There can’t be complete obedience without faith. Sin is a product of doubts which produces unbelief. Any time faith is not in place, doubts will have her place. Lack of faith( not the enemy) was what denied the Israelites the opportunity of entering their promised rest. That is why we were admonished to labour to enter this rest by faith in his finished work.(Heb 4:11).

Faith in his finished work produces obedience of faith. Since we know all is complete, anything that happens is just a drama which the artist already knows the determined end.

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

How does obedience mark the expression of both our common and personal faith?

The common faith says you are Christ ,your real self died and the new life is Christ with all his abilities (Gal 2:20,Roman 6:11,1John 4:17,John 14:12).
Faith in this truth makes us to obey the injunction that follows: so, you also should think about yourselves as people who are dead. You are dead to sin. And you live now to make God happy, because you are united with Christ Jesus”Roman 6:11.Then ,we will carry our cross daily which is the symbol of our death (Luke 9:23).We will then let him live in us. Whenever we allow the Christ in us to respond to challenges,we will see the anointing of the Holy Ghost rising in us.

If self responded, we will cut one ear like Peter did with his sword.That is the product of self defence whereas the master could call down legions of Angels,host of heaven as a man full of the Spirit(Matthew 26:51).Let God fight for you. Whenever the Christ in us is allowed to manifest,the fruit of the Spirit is seen: love, joy,peace longsuffering etc(Gal 5:22) but self is the opposite. We manifest Christ as we walk in this light.We display maturity in Christ this way. So obedience of the common faith produce the expression of faith.

How does God test our common faith? He gives us instructions to obey. Abraham was tested by the sacrifice of his only Son Isaac. God tested how much he depended on him. How much he really loved him and what was the limit of his capacity to express God in his personal faith. When God makes demands on us,he wants to bring to manifest his deposit of grace in us. When he asked to disciple the whole world, he knew we can. How are you handling God’s instruction? It is the way to our expression!

Lord I recieve the light of the benefits of your instructions for me so that I can walk with you.

*Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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