Faith working through Love

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*DATE: SUNDAY, MAY 22, 2022*


*TEXT: Gal 5:6*
_We are united with Christ Jesus. And so, it does not matter whether anyone has circumcised us or not. The only thing that matters is that we believe God. And those who believe him must love God and other people. And then they will show that they believe him._

How do men outside the religious sphere see that we have faith? How do we convert our religious fervor into secular usefulness so that men can see our lights and glorify the name of our Father in heaven? It is by Love.

Love gives expression to faith in the lives of Christians. Our common faith is expressed to other men on the basis of love and compassion for their perishing souls. Also, when we come to the level of trusting God wholly for our lives, then we find it easy to love others. A man of faith is supposed to be a man of love. Absolute Faith in the Lord makes us to have the God’s kind of heart to our fellow men. Love cannot be expressed to a person that we do not believe in. God’s faith is that men would be converted to Him eventually, so he offered Jesus to us when we were yet sinners. The death of Jesus was an expression of God’s own faith through Love. Love believeth all things.

Faith cannnot find expression through religious laws and rites else one will become the judge of others. The way our faith can be seen by ordinary men around us is by the expression to them in love. Jesus was full of the Holy Ghost and power, he expressed this by going around healing different people who are oppressed of the devil. (Acts 10:38)
The expression of our love shows the depth of our faith in God to take care of us. Jesus showed compassion to the multitude and in turn healed their sick. A man may have the gift of faith to work miracles, but without a bowel of love, he will not make much kingdom profit with it and may in the long run make a shipwreck of it. A man with compassion for the sick and desire to see them healed may soon start to walk in the healing anointing and faith. Because, faith operates by love.

We should know that the gift of our faith is for the sake of the body of Christ and not just for ourselves or just our little local church. Jesus promised to build His body not individual setups. It is love that expands the borders of faith. Without love ,faith becomes local and of little profit. To become a universal Christian then, your faith must start to find expression through love to all saints.

Dear Lord! Help me be your eyes to see, your hands to touch people, your ears to listen to men’s cry and your leg to reach them.

*Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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