The Light Of Life 2

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*TEXT: 1 John 5:4*
_Anything which comes from God is able to overcome the world: and the power by which we have overcome the world is our faith._


  The vision in your spirit is from above and it will be against this world. Those that will attack it will firstly do so because they do not understand it. You must fight spiritually to take over the cosmos before you can have the soil to plant your God ordained vision. If you don’t get that done, you will have cloudiness over that assignment. You may even not have the clear direction of what to do. This is very important. You know a kingdom vision will surely be against the kingdom of the devil. It will be tested like that of Joseph. It will die and resurrect. The period of dying is for your making. Don’t be discouraged. Build your knowledge base and your character, fine tune your detail plan, analyse all the things you need and the collaborations involved. Paul planted and Apollos watered before divine increase could be manifested. There are chosen hands that you must work together with if you will fulfil your vision on this earth. Abraham could not accompany God’s agenda with Hagar. There is a portion in Sarah. Faith of Abraham quickens the womb of Sarah. Don’t run around but rather stand in place of prayer. Submit your vision to where it belongs in God’s great move. Few are ordained to pioneer an apostolic move, that will connect them to divine flow. Communicate with the leaders of such flow and get aligned with his training. It will be ready made meal for your calling. Many have missed the ordained time for their manifestation because of the lack of this knowledge. Align with God’s principle and find expression in life.

I receive the grace needed to fulfil my mandate in Jesus name.

*Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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