The Light of Life

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*DATE: TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2022*


*TEXT: JOHN 12:46(AMP)*
_I have come as a Light into the world, so that whoever believes in Me [whoever cleaves to and trusts in and relies on Me] may not continue to live in darkness._

The first steps to living life well is partaking the life of God by being born again and walking in the light of divine knowledge shed by the Spirit. The life in us is light (John 1:4,5). Some live like beasts without knowledge of what life is all about. They may believe in a deity and worship such in fear not in knowledge.They are victims of life. Their mind is not even put to use. Such may even attend church. That is the common denomination for all religion; worshipping a deity. Some live as man by asking pertinent question of life and seek for answer in their mind. These produces Atheism and Science. No deity recognised. Their mind is their god. While the first category is found mostly in the third world, the last category is more in developed world. They live by their sense and respect effective system not ritual, rites or prayer. The religious ones pray to a deity and expect him to do all things. No system. Third world is the seat of religion and disorderliness. No respect for system and principles. Devil still perpetuate his secrete plan through either of these extremes. The kingdom citizen however possesses the light of life. This is why it is not a religion. He said we are the light of this world(Matthew 5:14).I have come into the world to be a light. Everyone who believes me will not remain in the dark. That is why I came(John 12:46).The light is to guide men on how God ordained life to be here on earth and there after. It is light that shows the kingdom. Anything short of this light will produce religion even if it acknowledges a deity. God is the deity but there are many other deities.We don’t get this light by much thinking or mental analysis or metaphysis. It is shed abroad in our heart by the Spirit. A born again spirit is a conductor to the light and it shines to the world. Talking about basic life skills like _HAVING VISION, GOAL SETTING, PLANNING, EXECUTION AND EVALUATION_ is not however to run like the people of the world.

As the prophetic moves come or divine instructions by the Spirit, either personal or Corporate, we must know that God is setting goals for us. We should document and seek for detail as far as timing for those things are concern. This is very key because timing is very sensitive. Sometimes we think it is time and God may not say so. We should however know that there is something for those time also(Ecc 3:1,11). So, the prophetic leadership set the goal of what God intends per time. Kingdom species receive their vision and allocate time to it by divine guidance. This must be well handled and executed. Not to be hasty nor slow. kingdom order must not be by passed in executing divinely received vision and set goals. This is one of the thing serviced in our daily and constant communion. We must receive vision and set goals to channel the outburst of the glory of God in the life of the saints. This will manifest the kingdom on the earth if it is truly Spirit given. It will align with God’s corporate agenda to expand the kingdom, illuminate the darkness of the earth and bring glory to his name. This manifestation will bring solution to darkness of this world. The world awaits the manifestation of sons. Harness the light and don’t let it dissipate away. There is time and season.

I receive the grace to shine as light in my place for the Kingdom in Jesus name.

*Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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