Sonship: Key to the throne

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*DATE: MONDAY, MAY 16, 2022*


*TEXT: 1 Kings 2:15-16*
_”As you know,” he said, “the kingdom was mine. All Israel looked to me as their king. But things changed, and the kingdom has gone to my brother; for it has come to him from the Lord”_
HEB 3:4, PSALM 127:1

This was the testimony of a man who was not a true son (in submission) but naturally fit for the throne. This is a key matter that requires insight. A true son is the one that must sit on the throne. Adonijah went ahead to enthrone himself, he had everything that made him fit for the throne. He got men on his sides, He got Joab, and even Abiathar the priest except that God has not approve him as the son who will sit on the throne. The grooming of God’s children is aimed at each being able to aptly represent him on different thrones where they can boldly represent his will.

Sonship means equality, resemblance, representation, continuity, etc. For a blessed man, his seed must be greater than him, that is why the master said we will do greater works (Jn 14:12).It is a curse to be lesser than the previous generation. God planned a greater, bigger and better future for his children in the Kingdom. However, the mature sons are the ones that display sonship. These are those that the treasures of the Kingdom are committed to their hands and rebuild the Kingdom as we represent the father.

The first step in becomong a son is to empty self (Phil 2:5-7).The process of sonship has not started until this emptiness begins deliberately from your heart. Self is the ”I“ that rules independent of God’s leading, God’s way etc and thereby no resemblance.

What we received at salvation requires physical manifestation. We died with him when he died before we could resurrect with him .Until you are empty of self , you cannot be full of him. This is talking about physical process of manifestation but not the finished work of redemption. The work has been done once and for all but we need to grow to manifest the sonship which is our mandate. When will you begin the process of sonship? Come to the cross and be empty. Get hungry for fullness of him, seek him daily, every hour, be Jealous for his vision and soon the glory of God shall be revealed in you ( Gal 1:14-16)

Father, I surrender all personal struggle to have what belongs to me by my strength, let me see the lift of grace at work.

*Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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