Devotion to the Word

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*DATE: FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2022*


*TEXT: Acts 2:42*
_They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer”NIV_


_‘’Apostles teaching’’_ in the above text read as _’’ doctrine’’_ in some versions of the bible. So, doctrine is not about human dos and donts but the truth and the truth alone: not hidden interpretation as it must stand the test of light. It must not only be understandable by your sect alone. It must be dissected in the light for all. These are things that cause division in the body of Christ. If there will be unity in the body of Christ, we must allow to go that “thing” that only our denomination can understand.
In fact,if it is only your denomination that can know it or must know it,then I am convinced it will not count on the day of judgment of Christ.
If it is personal, then don’t judge others by it.

It is time for us to move forward. The result of the early church cannot be separated from what they were devoted to and how devoted they were. You will be very surprised what most believers in this generation are committed to.That is why we make little or no impact. We should even question the effectiveness of our altar calls. Most are means to get people committed to our owndecisions(in most cases) not God’s. But it is not working enough,if working at all. If so,things should have changed. You will be astonished the reason why some come out for altar calls.It may be seriously different from the intention of the minister. This is the generation where men respond to all calls as long as the man of God calls it.They want the power of God.Though some ministers enjoy it thinking they are preaching powerful sermon or the anointing is much on their lives. But that it producing more evil than good.The body of Christ will remain in perpetual babyhood if we continue like this. We must help men to discover who they are in Christ rather than fuelling their ignorance. They may not like you at first but they will realise later.I have witnessed several occasions where they need to be screening out people that come out for altar calls to know their intention especially if the man of God will lay hands on them.That is how serious this day is. Many are blind and enjoy the blindness. _We shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free._

There is liberty in Christ. Devotion to the truth is what we are starting with. The curiosity of the current church to look for what works rather than what God intends to say originally (and stay with it because it will work) has done great damage to believers growth.We are not looking for what works in the bible but what he has said,the ways He said it,how He said it,what He intends and be fully committed to them no matter the cost. The result is already sure, no doubt. we see it in the early church. Don’t be too hasty to make the word speak to your circumstance but bring your circumstance under what the word has said. This paradigm shift is a must if there will be revival of the truth.The truth is the word of God because it reveals the true state of every things. So,not just confessing the word but standing for what is just in every occasion of life. Speak what is in your heart without deception. Beleivers must be committed to the truth rather than what works. What works may not be true but the truth will work. Doctrinal errors will massively be resolved if we bury our ego and allow this paradigm shift.

God I thank you for the Spirit of truth that lives in me and this family(John 16:13)

*Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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