Press On

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*TEXT: Phil3:14(AMP)*
_I press on toward the goal to win the [supreme and heavenly] prize to which God in Christ Jesus is calling us upward._

It is easy to do something good occasionally but that does not achieve a goal set. The discipline of consistency is inevitable if we will follow the precepts of the Spirit for us. Here we need to know that there is a prize and there is mark for the prize. Paul focused on crossing that mark. Likewise Jesus ( Heb 12:2).We can see that both have motivation that comes from the goal ahead. Likewise all believers must be motivated by the goal of touching the reality of the fullness of Christ and the reward at the feast of the lamb(Rev 22:12). Like Paul said that if there were no resurrection and no other reward than what we get on this earth, we are the most miserable(1 Cor 15:19). There is a reward of every true sacrifice for the sake of Christ. Following him on this side will be hard if we do not set our heart on the eternal gain. All the blessing we could receive on this part of heaven is nothing compare with the blessing of “welcome good servant” .There is a reward ahead and a mark for this reward is to finish strong. Some will get home and all their works will be burnt( 1 Cor 3:11-13).Don’t say it is enough for me to get home, whether I get reward or not. Some may not even get home with such a weak heart. We must never get weary as we walk in this new and living way(Hebrew 10:20).

I receive the grace to hit the mark set for me in this race in Jesus name.

*Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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