The Spirit Of Prayer

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*TEXT: Ps 65:2*
_O you who hear prayer, to you all men will come._

Few believers have truly experienced the joy and sweetness of prayer initiated by the Spirit: not because they wanted to pray but that he called them to pray.

Most prayers were prayers that were facilitated by our prayer points and not by the blessedness of communion. Prayer is a bidirectional communication channel which can be initiated by both parties involved. Fasting can be called for by God because he has some intensive discussions with you.

This is what happens when the Spirit of prayer is in operation. You find yourself been called to pray many times. In fact,you will be drunk with the zeal, vigor to pray. When you add fasting in this order, you will permanently be changed.

He will do most of the discussions since he called you, you will only be receiving revelations, asking questions and when the revelations dawns on you, faith is birthed and you agree with God. At that point, you know you have received the answer immediately. You will be so certain. No guess work. You will have that assurance in your Spirit, You will have the substance and not just the feeling. Why? He is the one that said everything you only agree with him. That is really why he called you in the first instance, just to agree with him. God needs a man to agree with him for him to be able to do anything on this earth. That is the reason for such a call. If you have yourself experiencing this call often, don’t disobey it, postpone it or ignore it. This is how the fathers of faith had lasting encounters that changed their lives permanently.

You may start your fast but the Spirit says continue, just obey. He has something more to say. Reality and real dunnamis will mark such life out. It was said of Apostle Babalola that the Spirit led him to fast for 7 days and afterward he broke forth in uncommon dunnamis. Many have fasted more than 7 days but not with the same experience. They seek God but it is another experience when God searches you out and lays hold of you. That is what happens when the Spirit of prayer is in operation. God is laying hold of you. You are not just seeking God. You cannot just but be changed, you will see mysteries, you become his spokeperson, you can change things in the Spirit.
Jesus was led by the Spirit to fast for 40 days because the Spirit knows what temptation is ahead. Many fails temptations because they missed the real time of preparation scheduled by the Spirit of prayer.
Don’t just possess God, let God possess you because ye are bought with a price ,ye are no more your own(1 Cor 6:20). Don’t just have the Spirit, let the Spirit have you. It is men and women that have been thoroughly possessed by the Spirit that God has used to advance His kingdom from ages past.
Are you longing to be a battle axe that will thresh mountain to chaff with God? This experience is inevitable. You have missed it several times but it will come again. Stretch yourself, spare not and experience the fullness of God. When the Holy Spirit calls you to pray, don’t turn off when he is still on. He may be on for several hour in that moment, he has intelligence and knows all your schedules. Keep your wrist watch and give Him your full attention.

I know that generals are coming up! This experience will increase massively in the body of Christ because there will be an outpouring. It is taking place now. Great fountains of the deep are opened up. Praise the Lord!

I receive the grace to yield fully to the Spirit when he calls me to pray (Gal 5:16)

*Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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