Know Who You Are

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*TEXT: Luke 15:27*
_And having come to himself, he said, many hired of my father abound in loaves, and I am perishing with hunger!_

No matter what this child had gone through, the reality of who he was as a son did not leave him. His condition might have changed but his position as a son still remained the same. This virtue of understanding is vital in walking in the grace of Christ. Be conscious of who you are more than what you are going through. He is still a son. The father still loves him. This confidence sponsored his repentance and he returned home!
Returning home is coming back into communion; fellowship. Though the world has been ravaged by darkness, the grace has brought hope! He has restored the dignity of man, in grace we are who he has made us to be no matter what has happened. This joy brings a sinner back home, encourages the broken hearted and strengthens the weary one. Men have been short of the glory of God by the fallen nature but we have measured up in grace to the height of glory. Why won’t you quit the works of the flesh and run into communion to enjoy to sweet presence of the Holy Spirit whose power shall bring restoration!

Every evil veil holding me at a spot, i decree it catches fire in Jesus name. Amen

**Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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