The Signet ring

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*DATE: SUNDAY, MARCH 27, 2022*


*TEXT: Est 8:2*
_“The king took off his signet ring, which he had reclaimed from Haman, and presented it to Mordecai. And Esther appointed him over Haman’s estate” NIV,_

We want to examine this truth and see the implication today. The signet is from the Hebrew word “chowtham” which means signature.The ring added means the ring of signature.It is a symbol of the authority of the king in those days.It is synonymous to the stamp of the king in the contemporary world.
When Pharoah wanted to hand over authority to Joseph as ruler of Egypt ,he gave him his signet ring and he knew what that meant. He ruled by that power(Genesis 41:42). When Esther had found favour before the king to change the situation of his people,the signet ring was handed over to her and Mordecai and you see what they did with it.Notice that the signet ring given to Mordecai and Esther was collected from Haman. You know Christ also collected the authority over the earth from Satan and gave it back to the Church.That is an undebatable truth. But the situation of our world today shows how much we have done with it.If Esther sat down with signet ring and keep wishing things will change,all the Jews including herself will perish.Thank God she rose to responsibility and started writing what she want to happen to the Jews .She wrote with all her passion as much as possible.The king was not afraid that Esther will write too much.The treasure of the king is that great. Ask or write anything possible. Don’t help God in this matter.You might even been advising God telling him that this current set of Christians are not that serious,they will waste your resources but God is not afraid. My Spirit is in them ,the Lord reply.My laws are in their heart.The covenant I made with my son is what I see in them. They are new creatures.I’m a new creature. I’m a brand new man,old things and old man are passed away,I am born again,I am more than conqueror,that is who I am.I am a new creature.I’m a brand new man.Halleluyah!
It thrills me everytime to know that I am born again.The precious blood of Jesus which is ever fresh on the altar of the heavenly temple ever speaking on my behalf.Forever grateful Jesus for coming.You make the diffference.
The world is condemned to decay like the Jews were condemned to death by Haman but we now have the signet ring in Christ. We are the salt of the earth .Not only you but even your terrain as much as you can exercise your authority in Christ must be saved. Rescued from corruption because salt: the preservative agent is present. We are still around, devil cannot reign. He has to wait till after the rapture.
The name of Jesus is the signet ring .It is set above every other name. Anything we ask in that name is sealed. The Holy Spirit in us is a seal of our redemption.
Are you persuaded that we can change things by this authority of the king given to us together? Thank God for the ecclesia of God .We are one big family. Let us together change the world and enthrone Christ in all situation. He is already crowned the Lord of all. Praise the Lord!

Thank you Jesus for this signet ring given to us in Christ today (Esther 8:2)
Focus on a specific matter and say what you want to see and seal them with name of Jesus (Phil 2:9)

*Dr Akindele Isaiah*

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