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And the Lord God gave the man orders, saying, You may freely take of the fruit of every tree of the garden

When you want to weave a net, you use many threads.
The same about building. The systematic linking of the blocks with a perspective forms the building.

God has the future in view and gives instructions per time based on His divine intention (Jeremiah 29:11). The great future you have seen or prayed for does not come suddenly. Start from the first and the last Adam, you will see how God has guided his people by the instructions he gives per time. It is proper reception, understanding and execution of these instructions at different phases that leads to the fulfilment of purpose. Your instructions are the blocks that need to be well understood, received and executed to the glory of God the father alone. It is also the marker of your walk with God. It gives direction and erases confusion. It is key to real worship. It is a sign of his practical Lordship manifesting in your daily affairs.

If you do not have communion, you cannot have clear instructions and if you do not have clear instructions, no clear direction, without clear direction, no clear destination. Life without a bearing is boring. Confusions, greed, dissatisfactions and lots more are consequences of such. Your outcome in the kingdom will be directly proportional to this. Your instructions are keys and links to your portion. It opens you up to hidden potentials you do not know since the creator who created you is the one speaking.
Sometimes, God tells you things that you do not believe you can do but as you respond you see the grace already available. This opens you up to a new dimension of the divine package in you.

Discovering and fulfilling purpose is a mirage to those who do not treasure their instructions from God. It is an effortless explosion to those who treasure their receiving and keep tract of their instructions. The assignment of Adam was communicated to him as his instructions. Carelessness with that instruction led to his failure (Gen 3:6).

It is a call to check your instructions and build the blocks into the structure and get the divine perspective for your journey. It’s enough of haphazard dumping of the blocks, be diligent to make it into formidable structures. You are blessed.

I receive wisdom for correct linking of divine instructions to get divine perspectives and direction for my journey in Jesus name (Act 9:6)

Dr Akinlade Isaiah

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