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TEXT: Hos 6:6(MSG)
“I’m after love that lasts, not more religion. I want you to know God, not go to more prayer meetings”

The basic unit of life in the Kingdom is the word. Jesus said the words that I speak are spirit and life (John 6:63).

Moreover, the basic form of knowledge in the kingdom is revealed knowledge. Without it, no knowledge at all and that means no life.

To be spiritless means to be weak, lack strength. He that knows his God shall be strong and do exploit (Dan 11:32).

Hence, one of the most important works of the Holy Spirit is revelation. Jesus said He will show us things that belong to Him(John 16:14).This knowledge is light. Imagine this illustration patiently. If someone enters a room with many chairs but in darkness and was standing still for several days asking and praying if he could just get somewhere to sit. Immediately someone comes in and switches on the light, then He suddenly discovers that the room is filled with different kinds of chairs. What will happen to Him? He will take a chair and sit. Since he can see the chairs and he knows all things in the room are permitted for him to use only that he did not know that chairs were there, and then he has faith that those chairs are his. Will he continue to pray? No! He will just sit down! Hallelujah! Will he sit down in fear? Oh! May be the chair can break? Not at all because the light is so bright enough for him to check out for the strong chair! So, he will sit on a strong chair because he can discern weak and strong with the brightness of that light.

Full knowledge comes with discernment. It brings participation, experience. That is how we partake, participate in divine life according to 2 Peter 1:3,4.Reveale knowledge is light. Head knowledge contains no life. It is the Holy Spirit that shows us the substance of Christ. It is not a feeling, it is a substance that is palpable. Revelation is what brings you to the realm of tangibility of spiritual things.Beloved, if you don’t crave for revelational knowledge you will remain in darkness while still in the light.That seems controversial.It means in Christ(light),some can still be in darkness(ignorant) and empower the devil’s operation.Genuine hunger for the truth above all else is a major thing that unlocks spiritual revelation. High value system on the truth.

I receive the lights of revelation to see all Christ has done and how to partake in divine life (2 peter 1:3, 4)

Dr Akinlade Isaiah

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