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In John 2:1-7,there was a process to the overflow,at the end of the process,a decree was made ,that turned water to wine! This month all decree will confirm the kingdom process taking in you! Time of crowing!! Fetch in faith,receive the word in faith! Not too late to start the process of you have not,complete the incomplete obedience to instructions,get set for glory flight!!

A.)THANKSGIVING:Check day 1 prayer focus


Isaiah 54:2, Ex. 26:29-30
Every increase is first spiritual before manifesting in the physical. So, as an instruction to increase, we shall speak increase. It’s time to break the fallow ground. Hosea 10:12.

1.Thank you father for the unchanging plan that you have for me. Heb. 12: 28

2.Father, break my fallow ground Heb. 10:12
Father, cause light of revelation to illuminate every darkness resisting my growth.

3.Father, cause your knowledge to deliver me from any ignorance keeping me at status quo (Hosea 4:6).

4.Father, increase my appetite for the knowledge of the word.
Father, cause the scriptures to open to me by the spirit.

5.Father, truth that sets free comes to me in the name of Jesus.

6.Father, every secret state that keeps me in the garden of ignorance be broken now.

7.Every form of tradition that has kept me from revelation, be broken now in the name of Jesus! Act.10:14.

8.Father, I receive the operation of the spirit of revelation and wisdom to cause expansion and increase in capacity in the name of Jesus (Eph.1:16-18)

9.Father, cause your spirit to guide me into all resources that you have prepared for the fulfillment of your assignment for me in this mandate. 1 Cor. 2:9,10.

9.Father, order my path to the prepared treasure of the father for me in marriage, career and business so that, I can manifest the covenant wealth in the name of Jesus. Deut.8:18.

10.All veils that the kingdom of darkness is using to cover my eyes from clearly seeing into the counsel of God, catch fire now in the name of Jesus! 2 Cor. 4:4.

11.Father, I receive the anointing for destiny fulfillment therefore, I command destiny thrones to open to me now in the name of Jesus! Col. 1:16

12.Those forces of the wicked contending with my breakthrough, die by fire.

13.Every human agent the devil is using to frustrate my progress, I arrest you now in the name of Jesus.

14.Father, I dominate that force of negative environment by the power of grace at work in me in the name of Jesus!
Thou that makes way where there is no way, manifest your creativity in me!

15.Every tool I need to fulfill my assignment in this house, I command your release in the name of Jesus!

  1. Every destiny helper ordained for my lifting come now

Dr Akinlade Isaiah

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