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TEXT: Gen 12:1-2
The Lord had said to Abram, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.

Consecration is a means to make room for the glory. We shall learn about this today. Consecration is seperation plus dedication.You are separated from the world and dedicated to the kingdom.Two legs on which your consecration stands.This is the precursor for glory.

God does not just need men that will worship him, rather he is raising men that can also represent him. In fulfilling this same vision, consecration is a necessary step. At creation, men yearned only for God, but after the fall,men craved for things.The restoration of the soul to the condition of total yearning for the will of God is consecration. Desire is the gate of the soul. When a soul absolutely desires God and his will, the manifest presence of Jehovah becomes real to such fellow. His will be done is the craving of such men that really work with him. From the text above, God planned to raise a nation that will fulfil the same mandate through Abraham, yet the beginning was the consecration. He must leave all! Not only physically, there are some things that you cannot leave physically but they must die in your heart. Only then can the soul be restored to absolute communion and fellowship. Only then can you pick the will of God clearly without ambiguity, only then can you truly bear the fruit of righteousness. Only then can you be meek and contented! The fruit of the kingdom in such life will be evident through the working of the Spirit.
Jesus Christ came to further same agenda and the process was the same for the apostles ( Mt 4:19, Luke 14:26-28), They left all to follow him! Why do we have many baby Christians today? They do not pursue the knowledge of God but the things from God. You have an inheritance, yield to the call to consecration. Don’t be like Esau whom greed destroyed his inheritance or Reuben who slept with his father’s wife.


Thank you father for this great call to deeper walk with you, I receive grace for depth so that I can get to the right height of manifestation in Christ in Jesus name!

Author: Dr Akinlade Isaiah

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