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TEXT: Judges 15:5
Then firing the sticks, he let the foxes loose among the uncut grain of the Philistines, and all the corded stems as well as the living grain and the vine-gardens and the olives went up in flames.


Samson had a focus of what to do with the foxes as well as the extent of the fields to be burnt. This determined the number of the foxes he gathered! Even God had given Adam a job before giving him a help meet! This is vision. Samson also knew that a single fox will not get what needed to be done accomplished therefore he gathered a team of foxes.

In a nutshell, no haphazard burning. It is the vision that determines the provision, the fields you have in view create passion and fire then will fall! You cannot pray beyond the burden you have. You cannot be anointed beyond the vision you have. You only need men in your life to fulfil his vision. Yield to the vision, live for a course, then you be set on fire!

Without a focus of the field to be burnt, no fire! God gave the apostles the great commission before he sent the fire of the Holy ghost. When you are baptized into the burden, you will be lighted with the fire! Only a burden bearer carries fire. See the decadence in the world, is it nothing to you? see the oppressions in the world, does it not touch your heart? See the mountains filled with aliens, are we not the gods on the earth? Only a heart that responds to the challenges can be ignited. God is set to set us aflame!

Take your place of INTERCESSION till we lighten all the darkness in the world.


1.Burden my heart with the mandate

2.Burden my heart to pray

Author:Dr Akinlade Isaiah

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