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TEXT:1 Sam 30:6
David was greatly distressed because the men were talking of stoning him; each one was bitter in spirit because of his sons and daughters. But David found strength in the Lord his God. NIV

Commitment is one vital force that keeps leadership moving. If a leader is leading, then he will face the toughest and hardest part of the challenges most. He must not only solve it for himself but for the corporate body as there is no genuine leadership without selflessness. The truth is that the leader must have a source. This is key for lasting leaders. The source of strength ,renewal and provision since leadership is about giving. You cannot continuously be giving and not receive from somewhere else without being bankrupt. God promised the kingdom citizen that he will meet all our needs as we see the world leadership as kingdom assignment and not mere ambition( Matthew 6:33).Thus ,kingdom agents can bank on the eternal, inexhaustible kingdom bank .

The law of ‘’SOURCE’’ in leadership is an eternal principle. You see some passionate people without source come to the scene only to last for a while before the little they have finishes. Those who are smart quickly seek for alliances with greater power. This the way the world fulfils this law when rising to leadership. They seek for greater alliances through networking, mentoring and other forms of partnership. This is the kind of wisdom behind many large coalition forces like ECOWAS,UN ETC.This is to generate a bigger source for national leaders. You can imagine if those sources were not there, where will nations borrow money if no world bank? There is wisdom in respecting this law of THE SOURCE while climbing to leadership else the fellow will live to tell the story. God is the source and the commonwealth is available. As you give to the world ,you receive only from the father so you are not expecting the followers to give you. God is our source. Also ,the body of Christ is the richest form of networking of Kings stronger than any ,even the UN. If we see the need to manifest kingdom leadership, we must build this network. A leader must establish his source and be connected consistently while rising in leadership.

The Church also provides avenue for godly mentorship. Don’t look or seek worldly mentors because of their achievements, they will teach you the principle of the world which is self centered.

In the text above, when things were hard, David resort to his source, he followed divine injunction and he recovered all. You must let God be real to you more than your chair that you sit on with confidence without being afraid of falling if you will not bow to leadership challenges.

Do you know your source? How real is the commonwealth to you ? Arise and be the leader you are born to be?

I receive the grace to see the reality of Kingdom network and commonwealth in Jesus name.

Dr Akinlade Isaiah

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