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TEXT: 1 Kings 17:1(AMP)
‘ELIJAH THE Tishbite, of the temporary residents of Gilead, said to Ahab, As the Lord, the God of Israel, lives, before Whom I stand, there shall not be dew or rain these years but according to My word.

We can see the authority with which Elijah spoke and his word was confirmed. This is one of the benefits of standing on divine instruction. He was operating as a god. His provision was arranged by God and directed there by same divine instruction. He ate divinely prepared meal because he is a man that was led. You can imagine a man sent by the president on errand, he will be given the honor and dignity that the president should receive. This is the dignity of a sent man.
A man running with divine instruction commands divine backing. So, operating by divine instruction brings you to the main stream of kingdom authority, power, glory, beauty, grace, honor etc. You act as a kingdom representative and commit the kingdom to act. What a great one. Moses was made a god to Pharaoh and Aaron his Prophet. The fame of Jesus spread all through after the wilderness experience which is the mark of approval as kingdom agent (Mat 4:24).

Other importance of divine instructions are;

  1. It is a mark of a true disciple who is learning to become like Jesus. Even though Christ lives in us from birth, we can only manifest him as we learn from him ( Matt 11:29)
  2. It leads to outward manifestation of righteousness
  3. It leads to life ( Matt 4:4)

The Grace not to be disobedient to the heavenly calling is what I receive in Jesus’ name. Amen

Dr Akinlade Isaiah

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