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TEXT: Matt 26:41 “
…The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.”

The goal of the development of your spirit is to come the point of being able to do all that is the will of the Spirit. Often ,people get overpowered by the weakness of the flesh. Grace is the answer to weakness by building up of our spirit man. We must lay hold of the released grace to fulfill the will of God.The grace will help us to do all that was earlier taught.

The first step if there will not be an impedance between the will of the Spirit and what we finally do is to make it our supreme goal. Accuracy in the Spirit is nothing to many believers but to see their physical needs met that is why many are slaves in the spirit. Make it  your first priority to be well aligned in the spirit. Let it be your utmost goal. Don’t seek for alignment with the will of God only in marriage choice and things like that .Seek to live with pure motive.

Are you really making it a goal to be in correct alignment with the kingdom? If you have this as the goal, then you will notice several failure in your attempts to keep to this ,then don’t give up but keep growing.

Power follows right kingdom alignment.
Don’t seek for power or glory of the kingdom outside kingdom alignment. It is the devil that will entertain you. Some have been victims of the seducing spirit such way.

Next ,be hungry to demonstrate the fullness of the kingdom. This hunger is very important. Some are not just expecting anything from their training in the school of the spirit.No wonder no progression.No training without a product and no genuine product without authentic manifestation.Be expectant of what you are becoming in the school of the spirit.God will strengthen you  do so.

Thank you Lord for the preparation of my heart as your channel to the world.


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