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TEXT: MARK 16:20

And they went out, preaching everywhere, the Lord working with them, and giving witness to the word by the signs which came after. So be it


Signs and wonders are kingdom tools for spreading Gospel. If you see a sign post, it points to somewhere .Likewise, signs and wonders point to the reality of an invisible but vincible kingdom which her influence spread to the earth. When Jesus sent the disciples to preach in Matt 10:8, he dispensed the power to do miracles as part of their commissioning package. Inappropriate response to the great commission deny believers the access to the supernatural because the alignment is not set. Your purpose is just a well defined niche for you to spread the kingdom in a strategic way. If you see it this way, you are set to be a witness to the kingdom. One of the equipment you will need is the ability to command signs .This will enable you to prove that the way of the kingdom is real.

However, a witness with a wrong message will lack divine approval, or not walking in the way of the truth he preaches, lack of faith to act on the kingdom authority to command powers( Luke 10:19) and weak communion are few among the hindrances to this manifestation.

When John sent his disciples to ask if Jesus was the sent one , he pointed them to the works that approves him as the sent on( Mat 11:3-5),the seventy two disciples were surprised at the signs and they saw when they were carrying the gospel in obedience( Luke 10:19-20).This is why Paul said the gospel is the power of God ( Roman 1:16).
The disciples were commissioned by the outpouring of the Spirit (Act 1:8.2:1,2).This was because they have responded in their heart to the call. The shift in focus, decreased passion for the lost among others are reasons for the lukewarmness in the church today.


Father, restore my passion for the lost souls so that I can be a correct channel for the flow of your power in this generation .

Author:Dr Akinlade Isaiah

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