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TEXT:Ex 7:12
For they cast down every man his rod, and they became serpents: but Aaron´s rod swallowed up their rods


We are in the days of manifestation of God’s power and depth where Rod will swallow rods.

The cloud is heavy and heaven is much more ready to pour rain of grace!

Hope you have your rod proven?

God was not afraid of the magicians rod but took time to prove the reality of his power in the rod of his servant.

We have many things to learn about the rod of Moses which became the rod of God else we may not be ready for the battle. Promise of victory rests on the principles of the kingdom.

  1. We need the rod of men.
    God did not make a new rod. He only transformed the one in the hands of Moses which he had been using for shepherding.This is important.What he has been using to make daily living became the container of power for generational deliverance. Beloved, If we will manifest the already concluded victory, men must see daily jobs more than means to earn living but as the rod of God! Devil is taking over sectors, men must break forth in God’s counsel and power in those areas if we will win. We need Christian scientists walking in God’s counsel. We need to master the context for this warfare. Devil is not joking ,we need to understand the game!
    Submit your rod, let God brood over it! Yield to training as God is changing the rod of men to the rod of God.


Thank you Father for the power available this season,I walk in the uncommon dimension of your power in my daily job.

Author: Dr Akinlade Isaiah

Bible in 1 year: Genesis 1-4

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