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TEXT: Proverbs 15:4

A wholesome tongue is a tree of life: but perverseness therein is a breach in the spirit.


Every man is a product of one kind of faith or the other. It is our Faith that makes us what we are or not.
The tongue of a man is immeasurably connected to his faith. One can easily know the Faith a man holds by what he says because our faith affects what we say. The scripture says: I believe so I speak. No one can have faith and keep silent, Faith is a fire whose steams must be let out through the vents of the mouth. The quality of a man’s life can be traceable to the use of his tongue. It means that we can use our tongue to turn our faith loose or keep it cold as grave.

The mystery of speaking in an unknown tongue is also connected to our faith. A man who doubts or fears may not be able to receive the gift. It takes faith in God’s word to continue in the gift of tongues because feeling will not always be there to encourage. Feelings doesn’t validate God, God validates Himself. The tongue of a man becomes wholesome and aglow with fire when he allows the spirit of God to mix with the Rhema of God’s word in Him. Tongues of fire are made when faith is ignited by the revelation of God’s word. Another way to have a wholesome tongue which becomes a tree of life is by praising God in deep understanding, this opens a man up to catch faith of the greatness of God. Quality praises raises the Faith up and in turn imparts the tongues of fire. The tongues feeds the spirit through pronouncement of God’s word and the spirit also fuels the tongue by injecting Faith in the heart. So, an unused tongue can invite deadness to the whole body. When the tongue uses the weapon of praises, recitation of His words and spirit filled prayers on a continuous and consistent basis, it becomes a tree of life.


Oh Lord! Help me to use my tongue to sing your praises aloud and speak your faithful words.
Oh Lord! I receive grace to turn my faith loose by the use of my tongue.

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