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TEXT -John 19:30

When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, It is finished: and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost


The mystery of Jesus parade on the Cross as always being interpreted from the tragedy end. The actual sense of it isn’t sorrowful but a triumphant ride. He was on the cross like an athlete who breasted the tape. He bowed his head on the cross like a man bowing out of a stage amidst the grandest and loudest ovations ever witnessed on earth. The cross was going to be an embassy for his coming kingdom. Thus he said: TELESTAI, as a song of his victory. It has been said that the last words of any dying person is always of tremendous importance. Any sensible person will choose his words with utmost importance because it is the parting words. The last words of Jesus was going to be the most important statement of his living and purpose on earth. The words summarises all His grievous death was to accomplished. He said it is finished which is interpreted as TELESTAI in Greek. It is a statement commonly used amidst traders when they have paid the balance of their debt. They will say: Telestai, meaning: End of discussion. No more Discussion or argument. It is equivalent to what our ATM machine says after cash transaction – TRANSACTION IS COMPLETED. The transaction between Devil and man plunging us into slavery was declared ended by Jesus as he breathed his last. No more condemnation, pain or sorrow of sin. The sting of sin is destroyed over us who believe on Him. We are free from all guilts.

Faith in this finished work of Christ is pivotal to our sonship and reign as kings here on earth. The treasure begotten to us via the work of Calvary is so inexhaustible for us in this time bound sphere. The spiritual understanding of this is the fuel our faith feeds on to become great and mighty. Knowledge isn’t enough without revelational insight. The key to the greatest expression of faith for the miraculous is an absolute reliance and stay on the finished work of calvary.
So build your most holyfaith by setting your heart on Jesus’ final words. He said Telestai to the slavery of sickness, death, pain , debt, addiction, oppression and possession. Praise God, it is finished.


Dear Lord! I worship you for what you have accomplished for me at Calvary.
I declare to the Devil today: It is Finished in Jesus name.


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