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TEXT:  2Kings 6:21
When the king of Israel saw (the enemy army), he asked Elisha, ‘My father! Should I kill them? Should I kill them?

“Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth”

This is a principle that is germaine for walking in the finished work according to the Kingdom.

A meek man is the one that struggles for nothing yet has everything.

The strength of the flesh abates to see the fullness of the Spirit of God at work. Not only the anointing but much more,the glory of God rises from the throne of our heart and mountains quake before that manifest presence.

If we truly know what happens when we say “thy will be done”, like the master at Gethsemane, when we accept the injunction of the will of God at the expense of what the flesh craves for ,we will be glad at the glory to be revealed.

In the chosen text, the King was tempted to kill these enemies but Elisha who was not a soldier but a man of the Spirit knows the right methodology is to forgive them. He fed them and sent them away.

Let us look at this,if he had kill all of them ,they might have sent more soldiers and the battle continues because no one to tell the story of how the Angels blind folded their eyes.

They would not have been able to spread that good news of the power of God to the alien nation.

Military war does not end with demise of some few soldiers,they would have called for reinforcements if they were killed. Look at Elijah while on the mountain.

Ahab sent different troupes of soldiers to fetch him. When some group died by fire,he sent another one.That is a military mind. But see the divine methodology that Elisha employed and they never returned again to Israel.

God is fighting the battle, he has finished it from the beginning.The arm of flesh will fail you,let God’s finished work manifest.

When Jesus was to be arrested by the Jews, Peter revolted and cut one ear with a sword but the master still was calm and followed the Father’s will(Matthew 26:51).

He said he could call legions of Angels for war if needed but the will of God was the paramount. That calm what led to salvation of the human race.

Whenever we yield to the Spirit rather than the flesh, when we pause to enquire of the Spirit even when sense tells you the obvious things to do, we are in command of the heavenly forces, it is truly potent.The effect is seen all through history .Have you been on the way of this old rugged cross, his leadership may not seem sensible, the principle of self denial may seem too hard to bear but when the glory is seen, you shall rejoice. Keep on following the ways of the Spirit, that was where our master walked and now he is seated on the right hand of God where we sit with him. .

Fear not,be not dismay, he makes all things work together for our good.

Let not carnality destroy the works you have begin in me in Jesus name.

Dr Akinlade Isaiah

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