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TEXT: Heb 5:12
After all this time, you ought to be teachers, but you are not teachers. Instead, you need someone to teach you the first lessons about God’s message again. You have become like babies, who need milk instead of proper food


I have made my heart your throne ,I have build your throne in my heart,
come father, come.
Lord ,come holy Spirit, come and take your place in my heart._

God rules and reigns on this earth through his throne in the heart of men. That is why the mind is the battle field with millions of thought being sent in seconds to confuse men’s ideology and make wrong conclusions.

The devil is behind all wrong decisions and false religions, that is why he want self to be on the throne so that he can still have his way like some take advantage a sick and weak leader to manipulate the throne.

When the Holy Ghost is the one leading and his will the only focus, then the devil has no place. Satan ( an opposer)is the predominant way Lucifer operated in heaven before he was cast away but as devil ( a deceiver) on the earth.

That is how he deceived man to subscribe to self Government. We have not repented over the little jot of deviation from the truth we discovered like the ancient church and that is why the fire is going down on the altars. If you discover it is self that is acting in you at a point, how repentant were you? If we want to see the shekinah glory in the mortal man filling the temple, doctrinal deviation must be treated as a grevious sin that requires no toleration. We are in the days where many look for what works. Can we retrace the path else we miss the track?

Is it self that is ruling on the throne of your heart or Christ? Whose will is being done is the utmost marker. If it is Christ, then Christ in you the hope of glory (Col 1:27).That leadership of God in your heart must bring a dimension of his glory to bear on this earth that devil will bow to.This is what it means to walk with God. Abraham simply walked with God and became the father of the faith. Are you hungry to see this glory shine?

Isaiah 51:2.
Think about your ancestor Abraham. And think about Sarah whom you came from. When I spoke to Abraham, he was only one man. Then I blessed him and I made from him many people.

You may be standing alone on this track of truth but soon the glory will shine and…

Isaiah 60:3b
the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising

As you shine the light of this glory, may his Kingdom come upon our nation through us in Jesus name.(Amen)


Father, help me to understand your perfect will according to the scriptures in Jesus name.(John 16:13

Dr Akinlade Isiaah

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