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TEXT: Jude 1:3
My loved ones, while my thoughts were full of a letter which I was going to send you about our common salvation, it was necessary for me to send you one requesting you with all my heart to go on fighting strongly for the faith which has been given to the saints once and for ever

This is a very important message these last days to the saints.

The common faith and personal faith will be greatly contended against which is the beginning of backsliding (1John 2:15-20).

The backsliding from the common faith produces heresy of diverse forms and this eventually leads to hell.

Those deceived this way may still experience miracles and wonders but done by the devil(directly or indirectly)

Anything against the common faith is Anti-christ which is actually operating since the days of the apostles.

The physical manifestation of the Antichrist after the departure of the saints will be the climax of his operation but not the beginning.

A thorough examination of the apocalypse shows the deception will be a major tool to get saints out of the way.

Things that work but not according to the common faith will be the bait.

1Timothy 4:1
“But God’s Spirit tells us clearly that, in later times, some people will stop believing Jesus Christ. Instead, they will listen to bad*spirits who want them to believe wrong things. Those people will obey what these bad *spirits teach.”

Exercising personal faith in strange beliefs that is not according to the common faith, though with positive results is express way to hell.

Beloved, never focus on the results. That you do something and it works does not mean it is perfect. God may work also just in mercy but never let the mercy of God be worked upon by the devil to deceive.

Moses smote the rock and water came out, people saw the results but he never smelled the promised land. Results with disobedience is a destruction in disguise; do not overstretch the mercy of God. Anyone that loses the common faith even with great result by exercising faith in something else(even in self) will not please Him.

This common faith has been delivered once and for all; it can not be improved upon. Contend for this common faith as a last day saint so that you can finish on the right track. Anyone who refuses this holy instruction may finally be a victim of the unseen battle of the Kingdom clash in the last days.


God open my eyes to understand the common faith which has been ones and for all delivered to the saints.

Dr Akinlade Isaiah

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