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TEXT: Est 8:13
A copy of the text of the edict was to be issued as law in every province and made known to the people of every nationality so that the Jews would be ready on that day to avenge themselves on their enemies


Today we want to look at the concept of “avenging themselves on their enemies”.

Before we move further,let us look at that verse above and examine the implication in Christ today. The “text of the edict” mentioned above is simply the writings of Mordecai which is to be sent by post so that all the Jews can know that they are to take charge of what happened that day(kairos). In fact,the KJV wrote “to avenge against that day”. The focus is not the people (enemy) but what is written against that day. That is simply what the prophetic office ought to do in the Kingdom.When we consider the kingdom Governmental system ,we will see where the five fold offices ought to stay. Not everyone should publish everything. Is there need for that information to be spread abroad? If not, why publishing it?The Church is far from operating the Governmental system of the Kingdom but this is who we are.The Ecclesia is a Governmental body sent to reign in a conquered territory on behalf of the parent Country.The writings of Mordecai became a law to be read by the Scribe and well interpreted. He wrote as he was inspired but the scribes must read it patiently and interprete it correctly.One of the thing I see God doing currently is to prepare the Church to reign as ecclesia and that is the cloud of the networking taking place.I know it will surely become rain in Jesus name.Thank you Jesus.

When we are well formed like this ,our words will become law as we can see because we possess the only signet ring available. No other one with the devil and God has handed over the one on the earth to us the sons of man. We are gods on the earth. We rule and reign on his behalf.The Church is mature for this age.

Kingdom Spiritual leaders are not just preachers but officers .You know there was no need for preachers until the fall of Adam ,so preaching is secondary assignment of man .If all are born again,what are we going to be doing on the earth?Teaching? what if all have the law written in their heart?(Heb 8:10). We will be administering the earth in his wisdom ,making everything to be as he ordainded. And truly,that is still our main assignment.As this era approaches,we will see more kingdom officers than kingdom preachers. We will administer the world in wisdom that is astoinishing.

We have seen wisdom that adminster local assembly. Some local churches have demonstrated astonishing wisdom of administration of the local assembly but this new wine will administer the world.It is just a foretaste of the world to come. I think I will leave the other study till tomorrow.
I see God challenging some one to be patient for this new wine to fully form in his spirit.Feed well, be schooled in the law of the kingdom.It is really a new day in the body of Christ.Our word will become the edict of the kings in our world.Glory!


Father,prepare the body of Christ in this nation of effective kingdom leadership in our world.
Thank you for answered prayers.


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