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TEXT: Psalm 89:19
Then thou spakest in vision to thy holy one and saidst I have laid help upon one that is mighty I have exalted one chosen out of the people

Divine choice is a call to ones lifting though the road may seem tough. It is a divine strategy ans commitment to exalt the chosen.

Believers are the chosen of God in Christ.

“But you are the people that God has chosen. You are a group of priests who are servants of God, the King. You are God’s own special people, who obey only him. You belong to God. He has taken you out of the dark and he has brought you into his great light. He has chosen you so that you can tell people how great he is” 1 Peter 2:9.

He is committed to our growth and rising till we display the riches of the glory of his grace in all sphere.

Grace has glory. In this dispensation of grace, sons will manifest his glory and display his beauty. He said favour is one of the manifestation of the outworkings of this grace that produces divine lifting.

What God does to the chosen

1.Lifts him by his favour. This is the outworking of grace (Psalm 89:17).
Like Hannah, she said her horn was exalted in the Lord (1Samuel 2:1).
It means she was empowered in the place of her weaknesses and
shame until she became the envy of the naturally prosperous woman.
Because God has chosen us, our horns are lifted in Jesus name.

  1. He anoints him(Psalm 89:20).

Anointing breaks the yoke.
“At that time, his burden will depart from your shoulder and his yoke from your neck. Indeed, the yoke will be broken, because you’ve become obese.”
Isa 10:27

Anointing empowers until you mesmerise the enemy with all his gadgets. As we experience this new dimension of increase, all yokes are broken in Jesus name.
David was anointed in the midst of his foes and they were powerless in stopping His lifting.

3.Raises him in his name(Psalm 89:24)

4.Unending love and covenant(Psalm 89:28)

5.Defeats his foes(Psalm 89:22,23)

6.Fulfils his divine promises (psalm 89:24)


Thank God for his divine choice upon us
(John 15:16)

Author:Dr Akinlade Isaiah

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