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TEXT: 1Cor 13:11
When I was a child, I made use of a child´s language, I had a child´s feelings and a child´s thoughts now that I am a man, I have put away the things of a child.

We were redeemed from slavery to sonship in Christ. However, it is only by growth that we can lay claim of the inheritance of sons(Gal 4:1-4).

Any believer who refuses to grow will groan. A Christian who refuses to grow will surely pay for his negligence.

A baby Christian will be carried for a while, however, the day you need more than milk, that carriage expires!

When your need is beyond your stage, you are due for another stage else you beg! This is why many beg. They overstayed at an expired stage!

A child is dependent and does not drive cars. He must be driven by someone. You cannot be in charge as a baby but you must be under. The mandate in the kingdom makes a demand for growth. God cannot put a baby Christian in charge of the universe, he will sell it for a morsel of bread like Esau! Arise and grow!

The characters of Babyhood that must be left behind are:

1.Lack of understanding

2.Looking for easy thing rather than right things
3.Need to be pushed to do what is known to be right

4.Indulgence in bad habits.

5.Lack of responsibility.



How do we grow?

1.Feed! (1Peter 2:2), there are diverse foods. Some need to change their diet level!
2.Take challenges; David confronted Goliath and proved the manhood in him. Confront challenges and give it what it will take in the name of the Lord! Every challenge won increases your faith. Those lost teach you a lesson you cannot forget. You gain either way! Take the mandate in the house as a challenge that will mature you to manhood. We are the light of the world!


  1. Lord thank you for the privilege to be called by your name
  2. I receive grace to grow to maturity
  3. Father open my eyes of understanding to my portion as a son and to walk therein

Dr Akinlade Isiaah

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