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TEXT:  Matt 6:33
“Instead, think about the things that are important in the Kingdom of God. You should do everything that you can to obey God. Then God will also give you the other things that you need”



What this will do is that it makes the reality of who we are in Christ to breakforth.
You cannot passionately love God, seek him through his word and serve him with your heart and not reign with him both here on earth and in heaven!

What is the advantage of this?
Gen 26:1,2.
In famine ,Isaac got divine direction and things worked for him. Those who seek God are guided to where and how things will work. Divine guidance has keys that unlocks the earth(Mat 16:18-19); if you are not guided, you are not in charge! Joseph was led to his place in destiny because he was a lover of God. Likewise David,because he was totally consumed by the love of God!

When you love God,fruit of righteousness manifests (Gal 5:22,23) .Normally, employers look for these fruits! In early days, they look for Christians to employ because of these attributes. Even people that know you will want to help because of the savour of the good character. The Jews follow the moral code of Torah and they excelled above any other race on the earth. Likewise America’s constitution was formed by Torah. She is the most powerful nation in the world today! Living right is not a loss if you have the insight and you operate in the authority of Christ!

Love for God makes you serve both God and man faithfully.Gen 2:15. No life without work.Anyone who does not work should not eat. However, the fallen nature is lazy.The first way to be delivered from this nature is to serve God; you get power to do other works effectively (Deut 8:18).If your serving God is from love of God,it builds you up and you work more effectively in other areas of life. Some work to survive, some work to take over as God’s representative. The first worked as the one in charge.This is the level your love for God will build you up to if you sincerely seek him!!

Grace also increases as you love God more because your communion time will naturally increase. I Cor 15:10)


Thank you father for the love that has shed abroad in my heart.I walk in love to unlock the treasure of God in me in Jesus name!

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