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TEXT: John 4:22(TLB)
But you Samaritans know so little about him, worshiping blindly, while we Jews know all about him, for salvation comes to the world through the Jews

Our worship of God cannot be better than what we know about Him. Also, the measure of life we possess depends on this revelational knowledge of his person and his ways.

Among all the loud and captivating distractions around, we must know that our first priority is to know Him because that is Eternal life.
John 17:3.
And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

Knowledge about God differs and revelation of Him are in levels. We have established the fact that we cannot have personal, working knowledge of God by the bogus science. Even revelations still have diverse scopes and levels. However, It is good news that God is willing to reveal Himself if He finds those who will dare to truly seek Him.

We can have full epignosis of God: knowing fully His will and ways.This is very possible. This is the only pre-requisite to correct worship. Worshipping in ignorance is simply religion and will cost the person more without genuine acceptance .He will give a lot to get nothing. If we truly love and want to please Him, we must seek to know and “possess Him”.
As we explore this subject, the most important thing is to drop all other things we have heard and know about Him and pray that He reveals Himself to us and the first begotten whom He had sent.
Is this a sincere hunger in your heart this morning? It must be if we will possess in full dimension the real eternal life.
Lord I want all of you and His full epignosis which is an in-depth working knowledge.I want to offer a genuine acceptable service. Oh! my God, have your way. Can you pray this prayer simply with me as I see a new channel of communication opening ?

Father ,I desire to know you more than all else, because in you is life and in you is all I need. Knowing you is all my pursuit (John 17:3)

Dr Akinlade Isaiah

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