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TEXT: 2 Sam 20:22a
Then the woman went to all the people with her wise advice, and they cut off the head of Sheba son of Bicri and threw it to Joab

What do you think was the message of this woman that made them cut the head of Sheba? I am sure she did not cut the head by herself.

Wisdom knows the consequences of disobedience and chooses the discipline of obedience.

This was her message: choose wisdom and live.The son of Bichri had friends in that town but they chose wisdom and let go of him.

Wisdom chooses the pain of discipline of obedience than the indulgence of the flesh that keeps her as a babe.
Not as others that go through discipline and training like punishment, she rather embraces it. It is the Spirit of wisdom that makes a man to embrace training and discipline because he knows the end of it. When the Spirit of wisdom is operative, you find a special delight in discipline that brings growth. You will start getting delighted in them. It is inherent operation. Even when it seems not palatable. That is why the success that wisdom produces will still produce another success because she delights in training and discipline. While others run away from it, she delights in it.

Beloved, have you been escaping the discipline and training that should bring you growth in the Spirit? Are you going through it and complaining? It is better to pay the price of growth else you will pay dearly for ignorance. Seek for knowledge and comply to its demand for change. The Discipline of self to grow is far less than the loss that ignorance will cost. In fact, discipline and training have no price. Jesus has paid it all but you must decide to let go the lust of the flesh that corrupts. The cross has dealt with the flesh but if you still hold on to it, it will still keep ruling you, though you are free. Refuse to keep being a babe that still enjoys the cravings of the flesh. See with the eyes of the Spirit.

Father I thank you because I have victory over the flesh in Christ (Roman 8:2). I receive the revelation that makes one embrace the discipline to grow (1 Cor 9:24)

Dr Akinlade Isaiah

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