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TEXT: Luke 16:1 (ERV
Jesus then told another story to those that followed him. ‘A rich man had a servant who worked for him. The servant took care of the money that the man had. Then some people came to tell the rich man about his servant. They said that he was wasting his master’s things”

The text above highlights one of the basic principles of kingdom wealth. It is that of becoming a true steward and not a waster.Being a good manager is a sure access to the treasures of this earth. Management is the art of achieving the expected goal with the available resources. So,what is the purpose of God for kingdom wealth? Study the whole chapter,you will see that the treasures of the earth were meticulously kept to service the earth according to his will.The steward is to take care of the welfare of the household. Adam was to be faring well to put things in obedience to God. But when selfishness came in, his mimistry of welfare was cut short! Selfishness is the prime enemy of welfare! This is proven by history. Selfishness blocks the channels of flows.It makes husband cheat on wife,leaders cheat those they lead,shepherd feed themselves ,sheeps want to keep their milk to themselves and suffer breast engorgement.Selfishness makes God to lack vessels to commit kingdom treasures to!!We give to spread the gospel because of the souls to be reached.Get rid of self to become a true custodian of kingdom wealth.

Thank you father for the grace you have given me to be a true steward of your treasure.I receive this heart of faithfulness to use the kingdom wealth in my possession selfless for the promotion of your kingdom in Jesus name!

Author: Dr Akinlade Isaiah

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