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TEXT: EXO 12:33
The Egyptians were urgent with the people to depart, that they might send them out of the land in haste; for they said, we are all dead men

This is a major point been considered this morning as far as the matter of destiny and season is concerned.

Always have it in mind that the season you are is not permanent (whether good or bad). Use your experience and what you have learnt in that season to get set for the next. If you fail to learn properly in the current phase, you have lost the next phase also. Every failure and success have the tendency to reproduce themselves because of what people have learnt (either good or bad) and the habit they have formed. These are the things that make cycles to repeat itself. Always Identify and prepare for the next season ahead.
Sometimes you see this confusion in which those ahead are not willing to move and those coming up behind are ready to move on and take up the current position that those ahead are occupying at that time. A lazy leader will be threatened by a growing follower. Don’t stop people from growing and pressing into their season but find your price for the next level and pay it. Then move on.
What level are you now? Be aware, it is not permanent. It is too early for you to relax as if no more land to conquer. Even if your profile has been filled with several exploits like Joshua and you think you have achieved a lot, only God knows the expected result for your life. So, move on!
Are you facing a hard season? It is not permanent either except you made it so. Move to your next season. Find it out by diligent seeking and move on in faith.
I see God visiting somebody in waiting for a fulfilment of a promise. It seems the Pharaoh will not let you go but by the power in the name of Jesus, you are passing over!
Thank you, Jesus! If that word describes you, please make preparation of faith. His word is yes and amen in Christ.

I shake unnecessary ease away from my spirit. As a conqueror, i shall not be satisfied with mediocrity in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Author: Dr Akinlade Isaiah

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