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TEXT: Matt 5:6(NIV)
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled

We have the gift of righteousness credited to the account of believers. Why then must we be longing for what we already have? To hunger for righterousness means to practically long for the manifestation of the righteousness of God that we have in all its fullness. It means you truly believe that you will live up to the standard of what is expected. You desire to do the right things always because you know nothing less is expected. Not only that, you enforce what is right in your environment because you know you are a kingdom ambassador. God’s promises are that all these kinds of desire must be granted. This is a great promise from God to those who are truly hungry for reality of the Spirit to be manifested in them. Check your hunger status.
Beloved, what is your goal as a Christian? Simply answer that question and you may detect where you are and how far you will ever go (except your revelation changes). The major goal of a son of God is to live out the totality of the truth while on this earth. Manifest the fullness of His life that is in you. He created us to represent Him on this earth. Jesus is the word in the flesh, we must be truth in the flesh. So, when you discover truth that is not still real in your life, do you become complacent or you know all is done for you to experience that truth and wait on God to show you more light ? You think that will be too burdensome because truth is much? No! we have the Spirit of truth and the grace to live up to the standard of the truth. You don’t need to reduce the standard, live up to it. This is the way to be hungry for righteousness in Christ.
People may say that your own is too much especially those who have accepted the status quo. They may want to quench such hunger for reality. Ignore such comment like David did. He would have missed that opportunity for God to glorify himself in the life of Goliath? Gideon would have been useless if none of such hunger is not found in Him. He longed to see what is right prevailing in His generation. Not only the cry because of His suffering moved God but the cry to see the right become the norm. And he truly believed that it can happen. That was the catalyst for that move of deliverance.
Open your heart, expand your scope and see the wonders of the Lord. May God enlarge your heart to believe that he meant all He says without playing. Anything spoken in the word that you believe will surely come to pass in your life. It is a promise.

Lord! Create an insatiable hunger for righteousness in my heart in Jesus’ name. Amen

Author: Dr Akinlade Isaiah

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