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*TEXT: GEN 1:28(GWT)*
_God blessed them and said, “Be fertile, increase in number, fill the earth, and be its master. Rule the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that crawl on the earth_


The synonyms for the word _increase_ include _fruitful, multiply, productive, abound, fertile_. All these apply to all areas. The most appropriate one for the new testament dispensation is _perisso_ which is to _abound, over and above._ It was a command in Gen 1:28 and ,a call in John 15:16.
We need not pray to possess what we already have, rather, we can learn to operate it and as we grow in its knowledge, it becomes functional. At this point of growth, it may look as if we are just getting it but it is not so. It has been there all the while, only hidden by the lack of awareness, dynamics of how to unlock the bank of heavenly treasure in us and faith in its efficacy. It takes revelation to believe who God said we are in the new covenant. Little wonder Jesus said the true work is to believe (John 6:29).
Increase is a nature of God. An elephant does not pray to grow big; it only prays to live long. It was curse as a result of sin that makes reduction, feebleness, shortness of lifespan, death, to be. However, Christ came to remove sin with all its consequences.
Why then barrenness? why is it becoming a prayer point for us? The major cause is unfaithfulness (not doing what is required of us) despite all the deposit of God in us. No one can be faithful and remain unfruitful. Faithfulness will unlock the hidden greatness in a man beyond what he can imagine.
Some prefer doing every other thing except what God told them to do; go to other places except where God wants them to go; love every other person except the one that God has chosen for him; love other people’s work but hate their own calling and even despising it. Though your start was small, your end will be very great (Job 8:7).
If you are faithful, you must increase. As you pursue faithfulness, please prepare for greatness. It should not catch you unaware. You see some people that just want to be faithful but not to be great because they do not want to be popular etc. but you cannot escape greatness if you are faithful. It will pursue you and get you. Hallelujah!
It is time for someone to receive a reward of his faithfulness with God’s instruction. Your secret obedience is coming to full age for level of manifestation. Sonship will surely be accompanied by the Father’s glory in due season. You are welcome to this season of divine renumeration!
If you have been disobedient to the word, unfaithful to your assignment, despising your calling, repent! Let us follow on in obedience, the end is certain. Praise God!

Father, i receive the Grace to increase even as Isaac increased in the midst of famine. Amen

*Author: Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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