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_I see the world coming to the church for help_

_I see technocrats like kings being used mightily in this revival_

_I see God calling for alignment. Submit your rod so that it can blossom. Number 17:8 Aaron submitted and it become wonder working weapon. Your rod is your calling. Stay where God sent you. Your career must carry God_

_I will put a song in your mouths_

_The mystery of one chasing a thousand and two putting ten thousand to flight will be unleashed. Meaning exploits, exploits and exploits._

_*Ps.40.2 – He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings.*_

_There are some whose goings have been like wallowing in a miry clay.The lord is turning your story around. There is a lifting. The church will be pulled out of the horrible pits of heresies_

_Bones finding their parts shall be all over the world: In the church of God, In ministry and In individual lives_

_A season of intimacy_

_A season of intercession_

_Doing the right things in this season will connect you to the utmost intention of God meant to be launched after now!_

_When an unusual dimension of God is to be birthed in any generation, there is always a brooding by the spirit of God. It all starts with an unquenchable desire to seek the Lord. Followed by the hovering of God’s spirit upon such people. When Mary was to be conceived of Jesus, a brooding or an overshadowing of the Holy Ghost was necessary. If there is no brooding, there will be no birthing.I want you to be open to the brooding of the holy ghost as He moves upon you. And this is what I hear right now, moving through our world. Mary had a conception and delivery following a brooding. God has said many things. How shall these things be? The need for brooding. Father, we receive a brooding that sets in motion for all of your words over our lives and the Builders ministry in Jesus name_

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