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*TEXT: Ps 16:7*

_I will give praise to the Lord who has been my guide; knowledge comes to me from my thoughts in the night_


Night is a season, darkness is a force. In the light which is Christ, darkness was terminated and we only have the night season which is also beneficial in itself.People rest well at night,meditate etc.You have control over the night! Some may still decide to work at night even though people generally sleep.It shows you have control over seasons!

A season that you understand, you can control! Learn to understand seasons. You can terminate the night if you know the purpose of the night and you are done with that purpose. If you have rested enough ,you can start to work ,that is why God did not make a general enforcement on men to sleep by force.I can rest for few hours and tell night that I need to work. Light controls seasons. The sun largely determines seasons. Joshua controlled the dynamics of the sun and the moon.Man controls seasons by understanding the mind of God for each season and fulfils it.

The Psalmist said he learned in the night.Knowledge came in his night and the end that night.
Beloved, that night season is coming to an end now in Jesus name!
Learn, obey and submit.The whole world is learning now in this night season that Jesus is Lord! It is time of harvest!

Thank you father because I have control over this night!

*Author:Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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