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*TEXT: Matt 4:1-2*
_Then Jesus was sent by the Spirit into the waste land to be tested by the Evil One. And after going without food for forty days and forty nights, he was in need of it._

Jesus was tempted because he must pass the exam that the first man failed. The result of such would determine if he qualifies as the saviour of the world or not. Comparing the two exams, they are like mathematics for Adam and further mathematics for Jesus. The first man was examined in the garden, the last man was in the desert. The first man was examined in feasting state,the last man in fasting state. The first man was tested for obedience, the last man was tested at all points!Yet he succeeded. Heb 4:15

All the Distinctions Jesus made in the exams were credited to our account. That is why we can face any temptation and trial and reproduce the eresults.The results of these exams are to our ecredit.Not impersonation but divine exchange! What a greater work he did!
What trial are you going through? What are your challenges? They are not enough to make you bow to the world. Jesus has conquered the world for us.There is a fountain of life in you through which God’s ability is to be made known to the world.It is the Holyghost! Lean on him,obey him,follow him. See you with the song of victory.

I am no longer a failure in life,Jesus passed for me.I receive the victory of Christ manifesting in me henceforth in Jesus name.
*Author:Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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