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*TEXT: Dan 2:34*
_While you were at it, a stone was cut out, but not by hands, and it gave the image a blow on its feet, which were of iron and earth, and they were broken in bits_

The Babylonian system, draconian in nature, was a mammoth empire that stretched through several civilisations and kingdoms. It took over Kings and their subjects. It became an image they must worship. Without worshipping this image, there is no life. Death will follow: death was the penalty. All seem to see no other option to life than to bow to this image. Many gave excuses: if we do not bow ,we will surely die!
But suddenly ,a stone cut without human hand showed up and scattered to smithereens all of this Babylonian pride!

This is the real kingdom. It landed with power and continued to increase until it filled
the whole earth.The man Jesus who was conceived without human intercourse is the “stone” without human hand. He scattered all the works of the devil(I Jn 3:8) and said it was a finished work. Now His kingdom is spreading all over; nothing can stop it(Mat 24:14).
The same kingdom is in you (Luke 17:21).It came by the word,the ability it brings was by the Holy Spirit.The excitement is not because of food, not euphoria of drugs but the vision of an immovable kingdom! What a great joy. With prayer,you touch the heavens. Immortality in mortal man.It has destroyed all images and imaginations that are contrary. Arise and thank God for the kingdom is in you. Decree all other things contrary to be scattered.Spread the kingdom by spreading the word.

I receive the grace to be a true kingdom ambassador in the name of Jesus !

*Author:Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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We must spread the gospel to the world,this is the only way to spread the kingdom. You may not be able to preach eloquently but just sharing is a sign of your love for others and the kingdom.Share in love and grace shall multiply in you.The branches that bear fruits shall be purged to bear more!I see you in a new dimension of grace as we reach the world with the word together!Invite your friends through the website and social media links. Create groups,broadcast list of your own.
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