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TEXT: ” ‘Bring the bread and fish here to me, Jesus said” Matthew 14:18


The small deposit of grace,gift with attention will grow to fulfil you vision. What you give attention to is what grow.PAY attention!
Many give attention to what is not primary. It is what you give attention to that grows. Don’t wait until there is challenges before you pray, give attention to your communion with God, let his love possess your heart, without him we can do nothing. Pay attention to critical relationships. As men approach old age, they value relationship more that physical assets. Care for your spouse and your children. Don’t ignore divine linkages. Fellowship with the right company and remain accountable. Adam was in good relationship with God before God gave him Eve. Offenses kill relationship, rather ask questions than keep offenses. You need those people to live up to your purpose on this earth. We must be one to experience full dominion on this earth. Communication is key in growing relationships. This is different from mere talking. It is getting your heart to each other in a sincere and true way. Encourage communication in either direction to make the relationship grow. Love is needed, I mean true love. Please love and share love! Let us make the earth filled with the love of Christ. Do all in love.

Give attention to people, we need each other. Give attention to your time, it is the greatest resource on earth. Don’t spend time on what does not worth it. Win souls daily, engage in kingdom assignment, live a selfless life.

Manage money wisely, it is the physical currency for transaction.


Father, thank you for making me a manager of grace in Christ. I receive divine wisdom to move in divine direction which is the greatest wisdom for a life that will fulfil it’s course, in Jesus name!

*Author:Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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