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*TEXT*: ” _And not many days after that, the younger son gathered up all that he had and journeyed into a distant country, and there he wasted his fortune in reckless and loose [from restraint] living”.Luke 15:13,14_


The young man received the resources but was unconscious of the effect of it’s management on his future.Tomorrow is the harvest of seed sown today!no magic.He was unconscious of this fact.He did not know that he is now in charge of his future by the skill he applies in managing the treasures of the father in his care.Every child of God is responsible for what happens in his domain by how he manages the kingdom resources in his care both spiritual and physical.The church is responsible generally for what happens in the world per time.He has given us the capacity to disciple the world(Mt 28:18-20).To disciple the world is to give them kingdom perspective in all areas of life and they will be forced to follow because it will be obvious that it is the only way!

The young man was not conscious of the effect of the management of the treasure he possessed on the future.Is that not you?Are you unconscious of the deposit of the Holy Spirit in you?What of those capacities and ideas that could take over the world for Jesus?Have you incubate them in prayer?Is the heavy weight of greed,sin ,and self weighing you down?Heb 12:2

Famine came upon the son.Isaac was a covenant son but famine came upon him too(Gen 26:1).But if you see and appreciate all the deposits of the father in you,you will be like Isaac.He operated with a special insight and became wealthy in famine.The prodigal son was taken over by it.A time is coming that the world will await your manifestation.Will you get set for your time?

Are you in famine?you have the solution in you!Isaac inquire of the Lord and he got direction.Receive light now in Jesus name!


Thank you father for your love and care.I receive the light to see your treasure in me and lay hold of it to manifest your glory in the name of Jesus!
*Author:Dr Akinlade Isaiah*

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